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    Investment Options
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    Your building journey
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    Site costs explained
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    Building Locations

Don’t want to pay third party marketing fees or sale agent commissions which inflate the price and effect bank valuations?

Would you like to maximize your capital?

Here at Senka Homes we offer our clients the opportunity to buy at wholesale prices. Our modern, cleverly designed complete homes are ready to rent. We can package an attractive house and land investment option that works with your requirements to suit your house type, location, land size, timeframe and budget all whilst avoiding the middleman and bypassing all third party marketing fees and sales agent commissions.

Senka Homes can aid you with finding land, finance, tenants and tax depreciation reports.

Hot tips

Decide what’s important.
Is it capital growth or income that is your priority?
Get advice.
Understand your financial position – now and in the future.
Use your head.
Don’t let emotions make your decisions. Make them based on your long term financial plan and what you wish to gain out of your investment.
Consider the tenant appeal.
Talk to estate agents about what tenants look for in property and choose wisely when it comes to your property manager.
Talk to your bank or Choice Home Loans.
Understand how much you can borrow.
Understand cash flow and tax implications.
Ensure you are fully aware of how your investment property will impact the rest of your financial circumstances.
Understand depreciation benefits.
Get a full depreciation schedule prepared.
Get your numbers straight.
Don’t forget all the costs like stamp duty, solicitor’s fees, body corporation levies, council and water rates, interest on loans, insurance, repairs and maintenance, land tax and others.
Take a long term view.
The greatest benefit is derived over the long term of 10 years or longer.
* Conditions Apply. Talk to us to find out more. Subject to approval.