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New Home Building Process

New Home Building Process Steps

Understanding your Vision

The journey to your custom home begins with a conversation with a seasoned Design Manager at Senka. Achieving exquisite design involves our team deeply understanding you, your financial plan, and your expectations. Design, at its core, is about people, especially true for custom homes.Understanding your identity, inspirations, family dynamics, and the unique narrative of your land is crucial. We’ll visit the site with you, review your ideas, always keeping in mind that the home must resonate with you profoundly. Before initiating the process, we take time to know every detail to avoid surprises later. This includes an open discussion about your budget, documentation of neighboring properties, land features, verification of land title boundaries, soil condition reports, and the positioning of all services. Upon completion of this stage, a preliminary deposit is required to proceed to the next phase of crafting your custom home.

Create your Vision

Next, you'll collaborate with our in-house Architect and Design Manager to refine your personalized design brief. This meeting allows the Architect to grasp your unique needs, style, and inspirations more deeply, ensuring the design possibilities align with your vision. With this wealth of information, the enchanting process of custom home design unfolds. Our Architect crafts an initial concept for your home, diverging from conventional methods to create something truly yours. This concept, meticulously developed and presented through hand-drawn architectural sketches, includes visualizations of your home’s exterior and detailed floor plans. Each stroke is a step closer to realizing a home that is unmistakably yours.

Detail the Finishes

Creating exquisite custom homes at Senka is no coincidence, it’s a result of a meticulous design process. You’ll work intimately with our Architect and Design Manager, refining each detail of the plans and external elevations until they align seamlessly with your vision and comfort. Upon plan finalization, we provide preliminary costing to ensure alignment with your budget and expectations. We then transition to crafting computer-generated drawings, incorporating vivid 3D images for a tangible feel of the design. A comprehensive specification of materials and finishes will be handed to you, affirming our commitment to meeting both your design aspirations and financial targets.
We encourage you to view the design holistically, considering every facet to make well-informed and deliberate decisions. Once satisfied, your approval of our preconstruction agreement, accompanied by an additional payment, propels your home project into the subsequent phase. If town planning is necessitated, rely on our seasoned team to navigate you effortlessly through each step.



At this pivotal stage, meticulous attention is given to every minute detail as we prepare the comprehensive documentation needed for our construction team to commence building your dream home. This phase encompasses a thorough interior design consultation provided by our adept interiors team, ensuring that no element is overlooked – from furnishings and light fixtures to floor coverings and appliances.

Guiding you through this exhilarating phase, our Interiors team is committed to offering expert advice to help you make informed decisions, making this stage another distinctive feature of your home-building journey with Senka Homes. This critical phase also marks the point at which you’ll sign your building contract. We utilize straightforward Housing Industry Association building contracts written in plain English, consolidating designs, materials, colors, and engineering details into a finalized document. Subsequently, the remaining balance of the deposit, deducting any initial deposits previously made, becomes due.



Upon signing the contracts, Senka promptly secures the necessary building permit, pre-orders essential building materials, and assigns a seasoned Site Manager to oversee the impending construction phase. Adhering to stringent timelines, we at Senka ensure you are informed and confident at every stage of the building process. Quality and meticulous craftsmanship are our priorities, hence our timelines are judiciously set to fulfill our commitment to delivering a home that epitomizes impeccable quality standards.

After months of meticulous planning and steadfast attention to each detail, your envisioned dream finally materializes. Your custom-designed Senka home, a tangible reflection of your aspirations, stands ready to welcome you. Yet, our dedication to you doesn’t conclude here. We steadfastly stand behind the quality we deliver, extending our support and commitment to you for years to come, ready to assist whenever the need arises.