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Knockdown Rebuild

Personalized to your lifestyle

A holistic approach to creating exceptional homes

Why knockdown rebuild?


Upgrade your lifestyle with Senka, the Knockdown Rebuild Specialist in Melbourne Victoria, without leaving your beloved neighborhood. Senka Renew offers a hassle-free solution, transforming your existing home into a custom-designed sanctuary that meets your evolving needs. Retain your cherished location while embracing a modern, perfectly suited living space with Senka Renew. Check out our knockdown rebuild guide!

Get the space you need.

Construct a modern, roomy new home for your expanding family. Our light-filled designs seamlessly connect with ample space for everyone.

Stay in your favorite spot.

Realize your dream home in the same street and neighborhood you adore, all without the headaches of relocating and starting anew.

Design your ideal home.

Forget the endless search for existing houses that never quite fit the bill. Choose from a selection of pre-designed homes or create a custom design tailored precisely to your unique style and preferences.

Steer clear of renovation risks.

Secure a fixed price and agreed-upon timing. Sidestep renovation surprises by constructing a brand-new home without any compromises.

Why a knockdown rebuild might be the best option?

Move to a larger home


→ Finding the ideal layout can be a challenge.

→ Unexpected structural issues could emerge.

→ You’ll be required to cover stamp duty and agent fees.

→ You might face the inconvenience of leaving your beloved street, having to change schools, and potentially losing touch with your neighbors.

Renovate your existing home


→ It can end up being expensive, disruptive, and time-consuming.

→ You might have to settle for a layout that you don’t want.

→ There’s a risk of unexpected structural problems.

→ If you’re in a heritage zone or have decided that renovation is the way to go, Senka Custom can provide assistance.

House and land packages


→ You’ll likely need to depart from your current location.

→ Customization may be necessary for more design and finish options.

→ Leaving your current location might become a necessity.

→ Unless you opt for a fully customized approach, you might find yourself limited in your choices for home designs and finishes.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, indeed, we are also townhouse builders here in Melbourne. You might discover a suitable design from Senka Collections for your allotment, or alternatively, you can engage with our architects to devise a bespoke design. Feel free to get in touch with us for a complimentary site assessment and learn more about your options.

Each project comes with its unique considerations, but we'll offer you an early cost estimate before you commit financially. Rest assured, you'll receive a final cost before signing your New Home Contract.

We have no restrictions based on slope. If you're uncertain about the slope of your land, feel free to reach out to us for a complimentary site assessment.

The timeframe can differ, typically spanning between 9 to 12 months from the site start date, contingent on whether it's a single or double storey. Upon formal commencement, you'll receive a Notice of Commencement letter, and throughout the build, expect regular updates every two weeks.

Indeed, we can arrange demolition services through trusted and reputable demolition specialists to facilitate the removal of your home.

Senka's House Knockdown & Rebuild service is available right across Melbourne, Victoria Greenfields. Get in touch to see if we can build at your location if you’re outside of these areas.

Knockdown Rebuild Specialist in Melbourne | Senka Homes

The knockdown rebuild process

The complete rebuild
home solution.

Want to know why we are the knockdown rebuild specialist in Melbourne

Our expert team will assist you through each stage of the knockdown rebuild journey.


Embark on your journey with a complimentary discovery call and site assessment. We’ll delve into your design aspirations, lifestyle goals, site particulars, and budget considerations before presenting a preliminary estimate.


Bring your vision to fruition with our expert guidance. Collaborate with us to create a bespoke Senka Custom Home. Proceed by signing your preliminary works contract to advance your journey.


Guided by our integrated and supportive design and construction team, you’ll finalize your colors, customizations, electrical layout, working drawings, costings, financing, and building contract.


Prepare for the construction phase with your dedicated Knockdown Rebuild Specialist by your side. Coordinate demolition, site preparation, and permits to ensure a seamless transition to construction.


Witness the superior craftsmanship, exceptional quality, and meticulous attention to detail as your new home takes shape. Stay informed through construction monitoring, site inspections, and progress payments.