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Privacy Policy

At Senka Homes, we respect and protect the privacy of our clients, prospective clients and other visitors to our Website. This Privacy Policy explains how our clients’, prospective clients’, other visitors’, prospective, current and past employees’, contractors’ and sub-contractors’ personal information is collected and used. This Privacy Policy applies to Senka Homes’ Website, marketing activities, products, services and existing client (that is, clients who have built/purchased with us in the past) database. Clients, prospective clients and other Website visitors can update their personal information by visiting our personal preference pages on Senka Homes’ or affiliated partner websites (or opt-out pages if a preference page does not exist).

Information collected on any Senka Homes Website, or through marketing activities or from existing client, employee, contractor and subcontractor databases will belong to Senka Homes and may be utilized for direct marketing activities by other Senka Homes affiliated partner and marketing companies.

Senka Homes gathers information about potential and existing clients through online platforms, in-person meetings, and phone inquiries. Senka Homes holds exclusive ownership of this information. Senka Homes will utilize this data strictly in line with this Privacy Policy and will not sell or lease the information to any unaffiliated third parties.


Should an individual submit another person's personal information, it is imperative that the individual ensures the other person is informed about and consents to this Privacy Policy, agreeing to their personal information being handled by Senka Homes in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Senka Homes collaborates with external vendors for online advertising and works with third-party partners to manage these ads on various platforms. These external vendors, including Google, display our advertisements on various websites by leveraging cookies to target ads based on an individual's previous visits to Senka Homes websites. Additionally, our third-party partners may reach out to you via phone to discuss our products and services.


To opt out of Google’s cookie usage, you can visit Google’s Ads Settings <>. For those looking to permanently opt out of Google's DoubleClick cookie, the DoubleClick opt-out extension can be installed <>.


You also have the option to opt out of cookie usage by third-party vendors by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative opt out page <>..


Senka Homes employs the remarketing services of third-party vendors, including Google’s 'Customer Match' and Facebook’s 'Custom Audience', to display advertisements. This means that if you have provided us with your contact information, we may upload it to third-party vendors who conduct remarketing activities on our behalf.

Senka Homes reserves the right to alter prices without prior notification.


The floorplans presented on our website represent a contemporary facade unless stated otherwise. The images may show fixtures, finishes, and features not included in the price mentioned. These could include sophisticated facades, marble countertops, and landscaping elements like planter boxes, retaining walls, water features, pergolas, screens, and ornamental landscaping items such as fencing, outdoor kitchens, and barbeques. Senka Homes does not provide swimming pools, pool decks, and fences. Therefore, the prices listed on our website do not cover the provision of any such items. For precise home pricing and details, please reach out to a New Homes Consultant at +61 418 227 860


Facade visuals should be used as a reference only and might display decorative elements not covered in the base price, including driveways, pathways, fencing, landscaping, timber windows, distinctive front doors, coach lights, furniture, and upgrades to garage doors and roofing. We recommend consulting with your New Homes Consultant for specific house drawings to aid in your decision-making process.


Pricing is contingent on the home model and floorplan selected and the builder's preferred positioning. The floorplan illustrates a traditional facade, whereas the price includes a contemporary facade as shown. The image is an artistic representation for demonstration purposes only and might depict items not included in the listed price, such as pathways, fencing, landscaping, coach lights, and furnishings. "Fixed" pricing signifies that, subject to this disclaimer's conditions and any changes requested by the owner, the advertised price will be the contract price, which will only change in line with the contract terms. This price is based on engineering plans and subdivision plans provided by the developer, and final pricing may vary if actual site conditions differ from those indicated in the developer's documents. Block and building sizes may differ from those illustrated. For further information regarding this home's pricing and specifications, please contact a New Homes Consultant. Senka Homes has obtained permission from the landowner to include the land in the advertised price. The price does not cover transfer duty, settlement costs, community infrastructure levies, or any other fees or disbursements related to land settlement.

Senka Homes collects the personal information you provide to us in order to supply you with the requested products and services. If the necessary personal information isn't provided, there might be a possibility that we cannot deliver these products and services.


Occasionally, we may contact you via phone. By giving your personal information to Senka Homes, you are consenting to receive such phone calls in the future, unless you decide to opt out.


You have the right to access the personal information we hold about you. To do so, please contact us. A copy of our privacy policy is available at our website or can be provided upon request at +61 418 227 860. Our privacy policy outlines how you may access or correct the personal information we hold about you, how we manage that information, the options you have to opt out, and our process for complaints.


Senka Homes may share your personal information with the following types of entities to assist in our business operations or when you have given your consent:


Entities that offer finance, land, or other products to you, or to whom you have applied for those products

Financial consultants, accountants, builders, lawyers, and advisors

Any industry body, tribunal, court, or related entities in connection with any complaint about our services

Any entity where we are legally required to do so

Any of our affiliates, related entities, or contractors

For more information on our privacy practices or to access your personal information, please contact us at:


Senka Homes

For detailed privacy policy information, please visit our website.

Senka Homes collects information at various points on its website to better meet the needs of its visitors.

The Senka Homes website offers multiple opportunities for visitors to sign up for promotional and informational mailings and for assistance in evaluating our products and services. This data collection allows visitors to opt into Senka Homes' mailing lists and requires visitors to provide contact information (such as name, address, email address, home and mobile phone numbers, socio-economic/demographic information, personal preferences, and household information). If available, we also gather acquisition data (such as site referrals, campaign tracking, and search data), behavioural data (such as pages visited, time spent on our website, and number of visits), and technical data (such as the browser and operating system used to access our website). This data is collected and linked with your personal information when registration or contact forms are filled out, or when logged into the website.

We use this contact information to send information about Senka Homes and our products and services. Notice is provided at the point of collection to allow visitors to decide whether or not they consent to the terms of collection and use. Those who have registered and later decide to withdraw can opt out of receiving future direct marketing communications at any time (refer to the opt-out section below).

Senka Homes utilizes information gathered in-person and via phone calls to communicate with potential and existing clients, providing them with information and promotional materials about Senka Homes and its offerings.


Individuals who choose not to sign up for marketing materials might still be approached by a Senka Homes Consultant regarding their inquiries. If a potential or existing client prefers no longer to be contacted by their Senka Homes Consultant, they can communicate this preference using the contact details provided at the end of this Privacy Policy. For those who initially opted in but later decide to withdraw, there's an option to opt out of future direct marketing communications at any point (please refer to the opt-out section below).

Senka Homes may interact with customers or potential customers through social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc., but we do not collect any personal information through these channels unless explicitly consented to by you. Visitors to Senka Homes' social media pages may share comments, reviews, or photos and pose questions or ideas. We welcome discussions, engagement, and constructive feedback, provided that the contributions are relevant and respectful towards our staff, clients, suppliers, and the broader community. Content shared on Senka Homes' social media channels should not be illegal, threatening, defamatory, contain obscene language or racism, or violate the privacy of any staff members or clients of Senka Homes. We reserve the right to delete posts that breach these guidelines, including those deemed as excessive posting, spamming, or commercial solicitation.


We compile data and images that users have voluntarily uploaded to our website or publicly shared with hashtags specific to Senka Homes on external social media channels. The utilization of this information shared via designated hashtags is subject to the social media privacy settings of a user’s profile.


Occasionally, we might use this aggregated data and media for marketing materials and promotions. Whenever feasible, we will attempt to notify the content owner prior to its use.

Senka Homes may interact with customers via review platforms like Product Review and Google Review, but we do not collect any personal information through these channels without your explicit consent.


We gather comments and reviews that have been manually added to our website or publicly posted by users on these review platforms by their own volition. The handling of this information from the review platforms is subject to the respective platform's security and privacy policies.


Periodically, we might utilize this collected data and media for marketing materials and promotional activities. Whenever possible, we aim to inform the content owner prior to its use.

The contact details of clients who have built or purchased with Senka Homes will be stored in the Senka Homes database.


Senka Homes will use the information in its database to send promotional information about Senka Homes and its products and services. Upon the completion of a house, the clients' details will remain in the Senka Homes database for future direct marketing activities. Clients who prefer to remove their details from the database can opt out of receiving future direct marketing communications at any time (refer to the opt-out section below).


Senka Homes will ensure that the information of existing clients is not made available to anyone other than the client who provided the information, except as required by law.

Senka Homes also collects and retains information about its employees, contractors, and subcontractors for the purpose of conducting its business and delivering ongoing business services. Additionally, Senka Homes may, from time to time, hold information provided by individuals and companies who seek employment or a contractor relationship with Senka Homes.

If Senka Homes becomes aware that any information we hold is incorrect, we will make every effort to obtain the correct information by reaching out to the individual concerned.


Senka Homes allows its records containing personal information to be accessed and/or corrected by the individuals concerned in accordance with applicable privacy laws.


Individuals who wish to submit a request to access and/or correct their personal information should do so by contacting Senka Homes using the contact details provided at the end of this document.


When personal information is no longer needed for any purpose for which it may be used or disclosed, it will be destroyed or permanently de-identified.

If an individual no longer wishes to receive telemarketing calls from Senka Homes, they can opt out by requesting this during a telemarketing call or by emailing us at any time.


For those who wish to unsubscribe from Senka Homes' newsletters and promotional communications, they can easily do so by following the unsubscribe instructions provided in each newsletter or communication.


Alternatively, individuals can opt out by visiting the preferences section on the Senka Homes website or the opt-out page if a preferences section is not available.


If an individual's information is stored in multiple databases within Senka Homes, they should specify that they wish to opt out from all databases to ensure they do not receive communications from any part of the organization.


Upon making an opt-out request, the individual's details will be marked with an unsubscribe 'flag' in our database to prevent further direct marketing communications. If we have the individual's postal address, it will be added to a suppression list to avoid any future direct marketing through post.


It's important to note that opt-out requests do not apply to non-marketing communications related to any contracts the individual might have with Senka Homes, such as updates related to services or products they have engaged with.

Senka Homes takes extensive precautions to ensure the confidentiality and security of personal information belonging to visitors of our website, prospective clients, and clients. We employ industry-standard security measures, such as firewalls, along with rigorously developed security protocols. These strategies are aimed at safeguarding visitor and client information from loss, misuse, or unauthorized changes.


Our employees at Senka Homes are thoroughly trained and obliged to protect the information of clients, prospective clients, and website visitors. By implementing physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards, we limit access to personal information to only those employees who need it for legitimate business reasons.

Senka Homes employs pixel tags and other techniques to collect information from emails sent to registered website visitors and the recipients of emails forwarded by visitors from Senka Homes’ website. Pixel tags are small graphic files embedded in HTML-encoded email messages. When such an email is opened in an HTML-capable email program, the recipient's computer connects to Senka Homes’ servers to download the pixel tag file, enabling Senka Homes to gather and store data such as the recipient's email address, the date and time the email was viewed, and other relevant logging information, provided the recipient's email program can receive HTML.


Senka Homes uses this data to enhance the delivery of future messages to specific recipients and to furnish information to registered users regarding the emails they dispatch through the Senka Homes system.


Additionally, Senka Homes maintains log files that track IP addresses to observe trends, assist in diagnosing issues with our servers, and monitor traffic/usage to offer better services to its clients and website visitors.


Senka Homes also utilizes cookies to tailor content to the interests of website visitors and to augment the convenience and efficiency of client experiences when using our products and services. Cookies are data files stored on the user's device, associated with statistical information about the user, but not linked to any personally identifiable information within Senka Homes’ products and email communications. Visitors have the option to decline cookies, but this may limit their ability to use certain features of Senka Homes’ products and services. Our web analytics providers might also deploy cookies on our website to monitor visitor behavior, over which Senka Homes has no control or access. This Privacy Policy pertains solely to the use of cookies by Senka Homes and does not govern the use of cookies by any third parties.

Senka Homes stores the information it collects in both Australian and overseas data centers, including private and public cloud infrastructures. Senka Homes ensures that any overseas vendors involved in the collection and storage of private data adhere to the privacy standards outlined in this Privacy Policy, as well as compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

If an individual believes Senka Homes is not adhering to this Privacy Policy, they should initially reach out to the Marketing Manager of Senka Homes via email.


Senka Homes, and/or the Marketing Manager, will address complaints in writing (via return email) within 30 days.


The objective of the dispute resolution process, which may include conciliation, negotiation, or mediation, is to achieve a settlement that satisfactorily resolves the individual's complaint.


Possible remedies for privacy-related grievances might comprise one or more of the following:


An apology to the individual

Granting access to information

Correction or updating of records

Enhancements to Senka Homes' systems or procedures, including improvements to the security arrangements for personal information

Updates or modifications to privacy notices

Staff training within Senka Homes

Should the individual remain dissatisfied with the resolution, they may lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner pursuant to section 36 of the Privacy Act.

Senka Homes does not share personal information with third parties unless:


(i) We have obtained the individual's consent to do so;

(ii) The information is disclosed for warranty purposes, meaning we share necessary details with manufacturers to ensure our customers are covered by warranties for the appliances installed in their homes;

(iii) The disclosure is required by law or complies with mandatory professional standards;

(iv) The disclosure is closely related to the sale or transfer of all or part of our business or assets;

(v) The personal information to be shared is already publicly accessible;

(vi) The entity receiving the information has a relationship with Senka Homes, either controlling, being controlled by, or under common control with us;

(vii) The disclosure is essential for establishing or defending legal claims;

(viii) The information is shared on a confidential basis with agents used in our regular business operations, such as for data processing, printing, or mailing services; or

(ix) The disclosure is to individuals or entities for whom we are providing services, as long as it aligns with the original purpose for collecting the personal information.

If a data breach is reported, Senka Homes will undertake all reasonable measures to ensure an assessment is completed within 30 days. Should a data breach be confirmed, Senka Homes will promptly issue a statement to all affected individuals or those at risk, detailing the nature of the breach and providing recommendations on actions they should take. Additionally, a copy of the statement will be submitted to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC).

The Senka Homes website may feature links to external websites. Senka Homes is not accountable for the privacy practices or the content of these external sites. Third parties might independently gather information about visitors when they view advertisements or other communications through Senka Homes' products or services. If visitors prefer that these companies do not collect information about them, they should reach out to these companies directly.

Any new policy will be posted on our Website at least fourteen (14) days prior to its taking effect.

f you have questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, please contact Senka Homes using the contact information provided below or via email.


Senka Homes

+61 418 227 860

This Privacy Policy is effective as of [Effective Date]. All drawings and designs displayed on this website and in all other formats, including brochures, remain the exclusive property of Senka Homes and may not be copied in any form without explicit written consent from Senka Homes.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, please reach out to Senka Homes at the contact information provided below or through email.

Senka Homes
+61 418 227 860

This Privacy Policy has been in effect since March 2nd 2024. All drawings and designs featured on this website and in all other forms, including brochures, are the exclusive property of Senka Homes and must not be copied in any manner without explicit written permission from Senka Homes.