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Property Investors

Property investment opportunities melbourne

Safeguard your investment with Senka Homes.

At Senka Homes, we recognize that successful property investment revolves around you and your return on investment. By investing in a newly built Senka home, you not only protect your investment but also minimize your risk.

You can take advantage of our modern designs, fixed pricing, energy-efficient appliances, and quality assurance program, which includes a thorough 100-point Warranty Inspection.

At Senka Homes, our home building process is straightforward and transparent. With us, you receive more standard inclusions, and there are no unexpected surprises along the way. What you sign up for is precisely what you get which provides you with some of the best property investment opportunities Melbourne.

Get more information about property investment

Whether you’re taking your first steps into property investment or expanding your existing portfolio, it’s a significant undertaking. That’s why we’ve compiled a wealth of information to assist you in comprehending the numerous critical factors that must be taken into account:

Cover of the 'Easy Guide to Building' by Senka Homes, showcasing steps for stress-free home construction.

Benefits of property investment

Investing in a Senka Home instills confidence due to our exceptionally high construction quality, complete transparency, and impressive luxury inclusions aimed at enhancing everyday life.

Structural guarantee

Secure peace of mind in your investment with structural guarantee.

Build time guarantee

We assure the completion date of your new investment property, irrespective of any modifications made during construction.

Fixed price up front

You’ll receive a fixed-price contract and complete transparency in all your contractual transactions with us. This ensures there are no hidden fees or surprises in pricing down the road.

Quality over quantity

We prioritise building the highest quality homes, which is why we restrict the number of homes we construct to 100 and maintain the lowest home-to-site-manager ratio in the industry. This ensures a heightened level of professionalism, construction quality, and attention to detail.

Quality assurance program

Three months following completion of construction, we conduct a thorough 100-point Warranty Inspection to identify and rectify any issues that may arise.

More inclusions and higher quality inclusions

We firmly believe that certain inclusions should be standard in every home, without being considered as ‘extras’. With us, you’ll not only receive a greater number of standard inclusions but also trusted, high-quality products and brands.


Select from a wide range of property investment opportunities

Explore our range of options, including new homes, knock down rebuild projects, house & land packages, building a new home on your existing block.

Property investment opportunities

Predictable, stable and profitable.

Residential property investment has consistently demonstrated itself as a reliable and stable investment opportunity, offering a strong return for medium to long-term investors. One of the key advantages of investing in residential property is its ability to provide a predictable rate of financial return through rental income (cash flow), while also serving as a foundation for a robust, long-term wealth creation strategy. However, before you embark on this journey, it’s essential to be clear about your investment expectations and what you hope to achieve.

Advantages of investing in a newly-built residential property:


  • Government stamp duty concessions for new residential properties.
  • Attracts a premium rental return due to our contemporary design and trendy interiors.
  • Potential tax benefits, such as negative gearing.
  • Rigorous quality control process throughout construction.
  • Comprehensive 100-point warranty inspection three months after settlement.
  • Structural guarantee.

Property investment options with Senka Homes

Each property investor is unique; that’s why Senka Homes offers a variety of property investment opportunities, including:

  • Greenfield estates: Construct a new home in a promising, up-and-coming development. Explore our single-storey home designs or 4-bedroom home designs, ideal for investments.

  • Knockdown rebuild projects: Demolish an existing structure and build a new home in its place. Ideal for premium suburbs where land availability is limited.

  • Townhomes: Our affordable townhomes maximize space on a small block and are turnkey, meaning they come fully equipped for tenants to move right in.
  • House & Land Packages: Fixed-price packages simplify financial planning.

A perfect property investment option?

House & land packages are ideal solutions for property investors. Our House & Land team collaborates closely with trusted land developers to provide fixed-price house & land packages tailored for property investors.

With a fixed price and full turnkey solution, what you see listed is what you pay, no hidden extras or additional costs. Senka Homes offers a wide range of one and two-storey house & land packages in excellent locations across the Melbourne metro area.

All packages include:

  • Fixed price guarantee on all site costs.
  • Extensive range of high-quality standard inclusions.
  • Opportunity to personalize your home.
  • Foundations and connections.
  • Developer guidelines, covenants, and council requirements.

Investment property checklist

Reflect on your goals and aspirations for your investment property.

Exercise caution against overcapitalizing on your property, as it could hinder the ability to recover investment costs. However, if you intend to reside in the house yourself in the future, overcapitalising may be of lesser concern.

Consider the size of the property carefully. An overly spacious property might result in insufficient rental income to cover costs, while a property that is too small may attract undesirable tenants.

  • What type of tenants would be ideal for your property?
  • Are you targeting young couples with children or empty-nesters with stable retirement income?
  • Do you require consistent income from your investment property?
  • Are you seeking additional income for your superannuation?
  • Is there high demand for rentals in the area where you’re considering building?

What is an SMSF?

property investment opportunities melbourne

Investing in property through your Self Managed Super Fund

Investing in a Senka home within your Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) presents an excellent retirement investment strategy.

With recent turbulence in global financial markets, many retirees have experienced substantial losses in their super investments through traditional retail funds.

Property investment through your Self Managed Super Fund offers a popular and resilient alternative.

In recent years’ global financial markets have taken a battering and many seniors have lost significant chunks of their super investment by being part of once-reliable retail funds.

Investing in property through your Self Managed Super Fund is a popular and robust choice.


Client consultation meeting with Senka Homes representatives discussing a custom home project in Melbourne.

What are the benefits of investing in property through your SMSF?

Investing in property through your SMSF offers substantial advantages over conventional retail superannuation funds. The primary advantage is the level of control you have over your retirement savings.

Owning residential property within your SMSF can yield significant tax benefits. Moreover, it has been demonstrated to be a lower-risk investment option compared to investing in the stock market or traditional retail superannuation funds, which are influenced by global economic market fluctuations.

Investing your SMSF into bricks-and-mortar property is perceived as a less risky and more tangible investment, placing you in control of your retirement investment.

Sound, qualified property advice is invaluable.

When it comes to property investment, knowledge is key to achieving success. Take the time to seek guidance from a qualified financial advisor, such as one of our in-house construction finance specialists.

We’re here to assist you

Whether you’re first-time investors or looking to expand your current property investment portfolio, Senka Homes can provide the support you need.

Buying an investment property with Senka Homes

Investment properties are favored as wealth creation tools for their relatively low risk, capital growth potential, and steady cash flow from rental income.

Interested in property investment but unsure where to begin? Our experienced mortgage consultants can assist you in crafting a financial solution tailored to your needs and circumstances.

Partner with one of our in-house construction finance specialists, who will streamline the process of finding the perfect property investment loan for you.

Our finance specialists will help you

Determine your borrowing capacity effortlessly.
Complete a quick and simple home loan pre-approval application.

Compare financial products from all major banks and lenders to identify the ideal loan and structure for your needs.

Leverage the equity in your current property to acquire an investment property.
Organise your loan for easy tax reference.

Configure a package tailored to accommodate multiple loans or properties.

Work out how much you can borrow

Engage with our industry-leading finance specialists to explore your borrowing capacity.

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