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Senka Homes Step-by-step how to knockdown and rebuild guide

Knockdown rebuilds offer a unique opportunity to craft a brand-new home tailored to your preferences, all while remaining in the familiar surroundings of your beloved neighborhood. This approach often proves more cost-effective and less cumbersome than extensive renovations.

The thought of navigating a comprehensive demolition and construction process can deter many from pursuing a knockdown rebuild project. However, with the right expertise, this journey can be straightforward and efficient.

Senka Homes, with years of experience in Melbourne’s knockdown rebuild sector, ensures a seamless process thanks to our skilled team, who know precisely what to do and when.

Here’s a detailed look at what you can expect when you undertake a knockdown rebuild project with Senka Homes:

• Site assessment
• Select your floorplan
• Secure finance
• Sign your contracts
• Choose your colours
• Get council approval
• Demolition
• Final engineering, planning and ordering
• Construction of your brand-new home


Professional Senka Homes team discussing a streamlined home and land package process with clients.

1. Site assessment

Your journey begins with an initial meeting with one of our seasoned Knockdown Rebuild Specialists. Right from the start, they will be at your side, fully attuned to your specific needs and guiding you through every phase of the process.

At Senka, we are committed to maintaining transparency and consistency in our pricing for knockdown rebuild projects. After evaluating your project and determining that your requirements are both practical and feasible, we will provide a free site assessment—conducted by a certified Site Assessor—before any financial commitment is required from you. This ensures that you are fully informed about your budget from the outset.

During this complimentary assessment, we will examine various aspects such as site conditions, local planning and council regulations, utility connections, and any potential obstacles posed by adjacent properties.

Unlike many builders who may forego comprehensive early assessments to present attractively low initial estimates and secure a contract, we prioritize thorough due diligence to prevent any unforeseen expenses later, such as costs associated with tree removal or resolving utility issues.

Simply bring a copy of your land title, and our expert Knockdown Rebuild team will handle everything else, ensuring a smooth start to your project.

Cover of the 'Easy Guide to Building' by Senka Homes, showcasing steps for stress-free home construction.

2. Select your floorplan

Now, let’s dive into the exciting part: choosing your floorplan and façade! Your dedicated Knockdown Rebuild Specialist will guide you through selecting the ideal design options that align with your property’s characteristics, your personal aspirations, and your unique style. They will also make sure that your choices adhere to all local council and planning regulations.

“It’s crucial not to get too attached to a floorplan until you are absolutely certain it can be executed. Often, with other builders, customers might pick the ‘perfect’ house for their lot, only to discover later that it doesn’t meet residential building or council regulations.

We consider everything, your personal preferences, your family’s current and future needs, as well as your budget and local regulations, before presenting a range of floorplans and design options. This ensures that the choices we offer not only match your vision but are also feasible and compliant with all necessary codes.

3. Secure Finance

Navigating the complexities of home financing can be a daunting task. Fortunately, our dedicated in-house finance team, Resolve Finance, is here to assist you. They are equipped to help you determine your borrowing capacity and secure the necessary financing, providing expert guidance throughout the entire application process.

Knockdown rebuild financing can be more intricate than standard loans, which is why it’s beneficial to work with specialists. For instance, many of our clients benefit from advice on bridging loans, which can be crucial for covering rent while your existing home is being demolished.

Thanks to Resolve’s direct communication line to your Knockdown Rebuild Specialist, you can expect seamless integration and coordination from the start. This ensures that the financial aspects of your project are managed smoothly, reducing stress and keeping you well-informed every step of the way.

4. Sign Your Contracts

After finalizing your choice of floor design and façade, the next step is to sign your Preliminary Works Contract (PWC) and make your initial deposit. This action authorizes our team to commence the necessary preliminary work required to prepare for demolition, including feature surveys, soil tests, and engineering designs.

This gathered information will be incorporated into your final Preliminary Works Contract, which will provide you with detailed insights into the costs associated with demolition, construction, and estimated earthworks. Once this contract is signed, you’ll move on to formally choosing your interior designs and paying the remainder of your five percent deposit. This stage sets everything in motion, ensuring that all aspects of your new home’s construction are clear and agreed upon before the actual building begins.

5. Choose your colours

No matter if you have a clear vision for your home’s interior or if selecting colors isn’t your forte, our experienced team is here to assist. We’ll help you navigate through a variety of color palettes and finishes to ensure the final look of your home reflects your personal style and complements its design.

6. Get Council Approval

Obtaining council or town planning approval is a crucial step for knockdown rebuild projects in many parts of Victoria. Our team is proficient in determining the specific permissions required for your suburb. We will handle the submission and management of all necessary applications through the relevant council authorities.

The duration for council approval can vary significantly, ranging from three to twelve months, depending on the specific regulations and complexity of your location.

It’s essential for your builder to have a thorough understanding of local council restrictions to ensure that your home plans are compliant and approved on the first submission, saving you valuable time, money, and stress.

At Senka Homes, we keep our customers well-informed throughout the approval process, with regular updates provided by our Customer Experience Coordinator to ensure you remain in the loop at every stage.

7. Demolition

Once your existing home is vacant, the next step is securing all necessary demolition permits. After these are in place, we will proceed to install a new power pit and cap off the sewer connection, preparing your site for the upcoming construction.

8. Final Engineering, Planning, and Ordering

With your site now cleared and prepared, your dedicated Knockdown Rebuild team will conduct the final soil tests and surveys, as well as obtain the necessary engineering and energy ratings. We’ll then finalize your site drawings and construction plans. Once a building permit is secured (coupled with your final finance approval), we’ll order the materials needed for your build. With all approvals and preparations complete, construction work on your site can officially begin.

9. Construction of Your Brand-New Home

We understand the importance of keeping you informed throughout the construction of your new home. From the moment the foundation slab is laid, we’ll provide you with regular updates. Our team is always available to answer any questions or arrange site visits for you.

Upon completion of construction, your Site Manager will guide you through a detailed walk-through of your new home. Once you’re completely satisfied, the final step is to make the last payment, collect your keys, and start enjoying your beautifully crafted dream home.

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